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Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is an award of payments to one spouse from the future income and earnings of the other. Spousal maintenance awards typically arise under these circumstances:

  • One spouse is unemployed;
  • One spouse is employed in the home;
  • One spouse is employed part-time,or employed full-time and earning significantly less than the other spouse, and has financial needs that cannot be met by their income and award of property.


Spousal maintenance (also referred to as “alimony”) is a challenging area of law because there are no convenient statutory guidelines to assist in establishing spousal maintenance. The award of spousal maintenance is totally discretionary with the judge. Because it is discretionary, the decisions around spousal maintenance are often unpredictable. With the unpredictability often comes frustration. However, because spousal maintenance is discretionary there is opportunity for the family law attorney to be creative when presenting a spousal maintenance case before a judge.


See the article on Factors Involved in Spousal Maintenance Arrangements for more in-depth information.


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