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Parenting consulting and parenting time expedition are processes available to clients to have a Neutral assist them with parenting and parenting time issues.


A parenting consultant is a neutral third party that parents hire to assist them in resolving ongoing parenting issues. The clients will decide what authority the parenting consultant has and what issues can be brought before the parenting consultant. Usually, the parenting consultant will first try to mediate a resolution between the parties around their parenting issues, but if that is unsuccessful the parenting consultant will render a decision.


A parenting time expediter has limited authority pursuant to statute. A parenting time expediter is a Neutral hired by the parties to assist them in interpreting an existing parenting time order. The authority of the parenting time expediter is limited to enforcing, interpreting, clarifying and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by an existing parenting time order. If appropriate, the parenting time expediter may also make the determination as to whether the existing parenting time order has been violated. The parenting time expediter can be hired on a one-time or continuing basis.


William Casey Law Offices has experience as both a parenting consultant and parenting time expediter.


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