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Whether a family is establishing custody and parenting time through divorce, paternity action or separate motion, a judge will look at the child’s best interest when making decisions.


To determine child custody, the court will assess who should be responsible for the child’s care on a daily basis, as well as who may make legal decisions on the child’s behalf. The court may also make decisions regarding whether a parent, grandparent, or other family member has a right to visit with the child and at what intervals. At the end of a child custody case, the court will issue a legally binding written decision.


See the article on Factors Involved in Child Custody Arrangements for more in-depth information.


The process of establishing custody and resolving custody disputes can be long and involved, due to the many factors, and the unique nature of each case. Mediation, Arbitration, and Early Neutral Evaluation are excellent options to help families resolve these issues without a court hearing, while saving time and money and protecting children from additional distress. Bill Casey has exceptional experience in helping families with child custody issues.


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