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Cooperative and Collaborative Law processes are techniques available to clients and their attorneys to resolve divorce, child custody, spousal support or other family law issues. These methodologies are voluntary processes, requiring signed agreements, in which the clients and their attorneys agree to the following:

  • To work cooperatively with each other in order to find a resolution without involving the court;
  • To make every reasonable effort to avoid court intervention;
  • To be honest and civil with each other during the process;
  • To hire experts that will not be affiliated with either party and render neutral evaluations and reports.


The main difference between cooperative and collaborative law is that under a collaborative law agreement the parties agree that they will fire their current attorneys if the need for court intervention arises. Under the cooperative law agreement the parties retain their current representation even if the matter goes before the court.


William Casey Law Offices will represent clients under both the cooperative law agreement and collaborative law agreement. Before entering either of those agreements William Casey Law Offices will meet with the client to decide whether signing an agreement is appropriate for their particular circumstances.


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